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Marie-Claire Ashcroft Marie-Claire Ashcroft, Fluke Photography

Kwai's workshop is very insightful and made me think! I left the workshop looking forward to being Kwai's next featured business.

Lionel Palatine Lionel Palatine, Palatine Property Solutions Limited

I was interested to find out more information.  The meeting experience was excellent.  Good format.  Lots of learning and very enjoyable.  I feel better informed after the meeting.  I got my registration fee refunded as promised.

I got 300% more hand pumps enquiries thanks to Kwai's low cost marketing ideas.  Using Google’s pay-per-click would have cost me £1031.80 per month. I was a cynic and I’ve had cheap SEO packages that didn’t work. I did not believe Kwai's claim that it would work in 3 months. I was wrong!  My website can now be found easily when people search for hand pump(s). Kwai's knowledge of low cost marketing ideas for small businesses, especially Linkedin Marketing Solutions also helped us to identify global stockists for our pump.

- Karl Willis, Matchless Limited • Makers of The Unipump

Within 3 months of using Kwai's low cost marketing ideas for small businesses, our website was listed on Google page one for 6 different Google searches that we believe our target market would conduct. We would have had to Pay Google’s pay-per-click £362.30 per month to achieve the same result. Kwai's methodology and some of his Linkedin marketing methods may be one of cheapest marketing ideas for small businesses around, but the outcome is anything but cheap.

- Andrew Mellor, Delonghi Cookers UK

Kwai used his fast-track and low cost marketing ideas for small businesses to find, and developed, 2 niche websites. Both niche websites got to Google page one in 3 months. Not only are we getting a lot of online presence and publicity, we are now attracting companies wanting to advertise on our 2 niche websites. Just proves you don’t need to pay high prices for marketing ideas that work for small businesses. Kwai's insights get results and beat any cheap SEO packages I know!

- Kristine Szulik, The Giants

Got onto Google page one in under one month.  Unbelievable if I hadn't actually found the keywords myself.  As marketing ideas for small businesses go, the insights shared by Kwai is unbeatable in terms of value for money. We are now also implementing some of Kwai's Linkedin marketing solutions to compliment the SEO results.

- Stephen Dykes, SDF Marketing Ltd

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